Weigela Wings of Fire

Weigela Wings of Fire

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Weigela Florida Wings of Fire sprouts new green foliage in spring, alongside pink bell-shaped flowers. These tubular blooms form along the branch length in huge numbers attracting large bumblebees. Wings of Fire holds the RHS Perfect for Pollinator’s title for its pollinator-friendly properties and is definitely a great shrub for wildlife

The pretty blooms and foliage last the growing season with foliage starting to turn bronze at the beginning of summer. In September to October the foliage really takes over when older leaves turn vivid red, orange, bronze and shades of burgundy before falling with the frosts. In winter Weigela Florida Wings of Fire lies dormant before bursting into colour the following spring. This is a highly colourful shrub that can outperform many other border plants. 

Height and Spread of Weigela Wings of Fire
Weigela Florida Wings of Fire will grow to a maximum height and spread of just 1 metre. It’s a good size for the mixed border as it doesn’t become too large. 

How Hardy Is Weigela Wings of Fire
Weigela Wings of Fire is hardy through sub-zero winters, but its best planted out of harsh, drying winds and frost pockets which can damage the foliage. 

Plant height is 30cm and grown in a 2L pot