Subscription Flowers - Box Of Blooms

Subscription Flowers - Box Of Blooms

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Love fresh flowers? We do too!

Would you love fresh flowers delivered to you on a regular basis? With our subscription flowers you can choose the frequency and we will deliver a fresh seasonal selection of the freshest blooms, allowing you to arrange in a vase or follow our online tutorials.

Going away on holiday?

Pause your subscription and pick it up when you return.

Don't want to sign up for 12 months?

You aren't tied in for anything length of time, you can start and stop whenever you would like.

Can I send to a friend as a regular gift?

Absolutely, pop in their address and have them delivered to them as regularly as you would like.

Do I pay the whole year up front?

No way! Some customers take them for twelve months, others for 4 months over summer at their AirBnB or every 2 weeks whilst they are off work. Payment is taken when the flowers are sent out.

Why do we recieve on a Wednesday?

We hate hump day! So cheer yourself in the middle of the week! It's also because we have a huge delivery of fresh flowers and we want you to have the freshest blooms. 

How much is delivery?

Free. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Neoni