Sweet Million

Sweet Million

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Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, the Tomato Seeds - F1 Sweet Million is a heavy cropping tomato plant that produces delicious, shiny, cherry- sized fruit with a rich red colour. Cherry tomatoes are the sweetest and smallest which is what makes them so perfect for all of those beautiful summer salads and healthy snacks! 

The Sweet Million tomato keeps well over a long period of time too so don’t worry about not being able to eat all of the beautiful tomatoes this plant produces.

The Tomato - F1 Sweet Million can be grown in a greenhouse or on a sunny spot in your garden. They’ll look amazing growing on a sunny spot of your patio, with you able to pick tomatoes straight off of the vine once ripe. 

The Tomato - F1 Sweet Million is a cordon variety. This means it’s one stem grown by pinching off side shoots as they appear. It will need staking and tying in.

Looking after your Tomatoes

Once plants have established, keep the plants well-watered, especially when the fruits have started to set. Wide fluctuations in moisture supply may lead to irregular fruit growth, cracking of the skin, and dropping of the fruits.