Silver Birch

Silver Birch

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Betula pendula (Silver Birch) is a popular native tree that makes an impact in any garden with its elegant silver bark and gracefully weeping branches. The silver bark develops contrasting dark fissures and cracks with age that add interest and make each tree unique. Betula pendula is also a favourite with wildlife.

The bright green leaves have a serrated edge and are ovate, almost triangular in shape. They provide an airy canopy and in autumn turn buttery yellow. Yellowy-brown catkins develop over winter, with both male and female form on the same tree. The seeds of which are enjoyed by Greenfinch, Redpoll and other birds.

Silver Birch will grow in even the toughest conditions. The tree itself has a conical shape and will grow to around 7 metres height and 4 metres spread in 20 years. It is ideal planted in gardens or parks where it provides gentle shade.

This tree is in a 5L pot and is around 1m-1.2m