Russian Vine
Russian Vine

Russian Vine

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It is a hardy, deciduous vine that is often used to provide shaded covering or obscure structures. It is a twining climber and will rapidly vault larger-sized structures. It is extremely hardy, tolerates almost any soil type, and prefers sun to partial shade.

Small, white flowers form in multitudes of bunches on panicles throughout the growing area. The vine will be covered in these small, funnel-shaped blossoms in the summer time. They have heart-shaped leaves which are initially red when first formed and turn into a dark green.

The “Baldschuanicum” grows through the use of rhizomes, underground root systems. This will need to be effectively monitored or the plant can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, the growth will slow and stop in the colder, winter months. As such, this is the time to prune and trim accordingly to get the plant into its desired shape and location.

Plant is grown in a 2L pot and is around 45cm tall