Pachyphytum Bractesum

Pachyphytum Bractesum

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Pachyphytum bracteosum, Moonstones or Silver Pebbles, is native to Mexico where it grow at elevations between 1000m and 1800m. At these altitudes it experiences cool and often cold temperatures giving it a cold tolerance not found in those succulents that grow at lower levels but it cannot be considered hardy in any UK sense of the word although it is sometimes found in garden centres sold as an outdoor rockery plant.

Although it loves being outdoors during the summer it needs to brought under cover from about October through to the following late spring when all danger of a late frost has passed. It makes a wonderful houseplant as long as it get as much sun and light as possible and is not overwatered - particularly through the winter months when it is best left unwatered.

Grown in a 1L pot and will drop about 30cm wide

Can be used as an indoor plant all year round or as a rockery plant if not frosty