MicroBrights White Pin Lights
MicroBrights White Pin Lights
MicroBrights White Pin Lights

MicroBrights White Pin Lights

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Available in the following lengths:

50 LED - 2.4m

100 LED - 5.0m

200 LED - 10.0m

Ideal for those looking to jazz up their Christmas party decorations or dress up home interiors with some festive colours, the striking 100 Multi-Action LED Microbrights™

Creating your perfect winter wonderland requires next to no attention; simply position as you prefer and let the battery powered lights glow or flash through 8 different functions, with an impressive lifetime of up to 30 days!

Evenly spaced apart, each brightly shining bulb will distribute the light output on your tree perfectly and uniformly, with the set of 100 LEDs offering a 5m lit length that makes these Premier string lights popular for smaller Christmas trees or filling vases with! 30cm out of the overall length is made up of the cable lead, which gives you the freedom you need to position the waterproof battery box securely and out of sight for the full sparkling illusion!

Crafted from a flexible pin wire, these handy lights can be bent and shaped to intertwine with foliage, wreaths, or wrapped around staircases for the ultimate festive ambience.

Whichever space you’re looking to transform this festive season, the Premier Microbrights™ run on eight different settings, including: static, twinkling flash, slow fade, chasing flash, slow glow, sequential, waves and combination.

The versatile lights from Premier are both elegant and economical, featuring a useful timer function that allows you to pre-set the lights for 6 hours on and 18 hours off at the same time every day: perfect for reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your electricity bill!

6 hours ON / 18 hours OFF