Lavender Stoechas (French Lavender)
Lavender Stoechas (French Lavender)

Lavender Stoechas (French Lavender)

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Also known as French Lavender or Butterfly Lavender this old variety is famous for it's intense fragrance and unusual shaped, beautiful, dark purple flowers which bloom on top of grey green stems.

The most important factor when growing lavender is to use a well-drained limey soil (alkaline) and little or no fertilizer. Lavender thrive best in sunny locations. Problems usually arise because the soil is unhealthy.

Avoid chemicals and fertilizers that kill the beneficial organisms in the soil. Planting distance is 20cm. Plant on such a depth (10cm) that the first green leaves only just show above the soil. Water well after planting.

Pruning is necessary to extend the life of the plant. Trim lightly in autumn immediately after flowering and in mid spring cut back straggly plants to promote bushy new growth. Cut back to about a third of the grey-leaved stems.

Grown in a 1L pot