Laburnum Vossii
Laburnum Vossii

Laburnum Vossii

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Laburnum is one of the prettiest trees you can choose for your landscape. A relatively small tree, Laburnum Anagyroides is popular with some interesting characteristics it brings along the way, aside from its beautiful yellow dangling flowers.

One other unique characteristic relates to its classification as a leguminous tree, meaning it fixes Nitrogen from the atmosphere by way of bacteria borne in nodules on its roots. Its origins range from Southern and Central Europe, including France, Slovenia and Italy. The Common Laburnum was first introduced in the UK in 1560 and is found planted in many parks, open spaces and gardens.

This beautiful tree is also known for its poisonous nature. All the parts have noxious aspects, but the seed is considered the most harmful. As a member of the pea family, the fruit does resemble the pea vegetable’s pod, but twisted and black upon maturation.

Trees are supplied in a 5L Pot and are 40-55cm tall - they flowers mid to late April. These do best away from exposed winds.