Kitchen Garden - Herb
Kitchen Garden - Herb

Kitchen Garden - Herb

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Four delicious herbs perfect to grow on your windowsill for easy picking.

Kit comprises: 1 packet each of: basil, chives, coriander, parsley, wooden trough, 4 growing pots, compost and instructions.

Tender annual herbs can be sown year-round for growing on the kitchen windowsill. Sow your favourites this week and you’ll have a range of flavours ready for use with all your dishes. Sow batches every few weeks and you’ll have a constant supply for continued use in the kitchen.

One of the easiest ways to get started with windowsill herbs is to treat yourself to a complete growing kit.

The Herb Kitchen Garden has all you need to get growing. As well as one packet each of basil, chives, coriander and parsley, you get four plastic pots, compost and a decorative wooden trough to turn it into a real feature on the kitchen windowsill.

If you want to try different herbs, choose your varieties and grow them in small pots. You don’t want the added steps and mess of having to prick out and pot on your herbs, so choose a general compost with a good nutrient level, such as Gro-Sure All Purpose Compost.

Getting started:

•Fill pots with compost, level the surface and water in

•Set a dozen or so seeds across the surface then lightly cover with more compost

•Cover with cling film until seedlings emerge

Growing on:

•Keep pots well watered – they can soon dry out in the warmth of the house

•Pinch out the growing tips when the plants are young, to encourage bushy growth

•Pick leaves regularly, again helping to create bushy plants