Kilmarnock Willow

Kilmarnock Willow

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The Salix Caprea Pendula Tree otherwise known as the 'Kilmarnock' Willow Tree grow furry yellow catkins in the Spring that are popular with the wildlife, particularly the bees. The leaves of the Kilmarnock Willow are ovate, dark green and have grey furry undersides that accommodate the branches throughout the year. In Winter, the tree looks incredible draped in snow or frost. Perfect to plant in borders, patios & small gardens.

The Kilmarnock Willow Tree was discovered by the side of the River Ayr in Scotland in the 1850's and was propagated by Thomas Lang of Kilmarnock hence its name. It also received the 'Award of Merit' in 1977.

Trees are supplied in a 5L Pot and are 80-100cm tall - they are extremely hardy and make a great specimen tree.