Ice White Icicle Connectable Lights - 100 LED

Ice White Icicle Connectable Lights - 100 LED

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Connect up to 6,000 LEDs from just one plug with these premium quality extendable lights.

Looking for matching accessories for use with this set of light?

Our range of accessories make creating a magical light show now possible. Run connectable icicles across your home, split off onto a nearby tree and run down onto a fence or wall.

All this can be achieved using just one power point and a selection of the below accessories.

Indoor and outdoor use
Premium quality
Superbright LED lights
7mm LED, straight line construction
IP44 mains power
Energy saving, longlife LED's
Ideal for decorating trees, hedges and around the home along with commercial use in large scale lighting projects
Connect upto 6,000 LED lights from just the one plug - allows you to connect upto 60 sets!

Total length of lights: 2m / 32.8 ft

3 metres of cable from the plug to the first light