Hosta Devon Green

Hosta Devon Green

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Hosta Devon Green, commonly known as plantain lily is an upright, bushy, clump forming perennial which has wonderful hummocks of dark green, shiny, heart shaped leaves. The foliage is the main focus for the Hostas, many grow them for simply the foliage size and colour rather than the flowers, although they add extra interest in late summer! In July and August the Hosta Devon Green bears tall erect stems with tubular, pale purple flowers with dark purple stripes on them adding extra interest to this already fantastic plant.

Can be planted in almost any location, any scheme with the right conditions. Recommended planting locations include flower beds and borders and underplanting or edging to walkways for low growing interest.

Plant height is 10cm and grown in a 2L pot and will grow to around 60cm spread. They die back over the winter.