Honeysuckle - Dropmore Scarlet
Honeysuckle - Dropmore Scarlet

Honeysuckle - Dropmore Scarlet

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Lonicera x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet' is a very beautiful climbing plant with healthy grey/green deciduous or semi-evergreen rounded foliage and lovely trumpet flowers of scarlet and orange. It will flower from mid summer until September but does need a south or south west position to do well.

It has little or no fragrance and, in a warm summer, will produce red berries much loved by birds. It is less vigorous than other honeysuckle varieties and will need support. It should be pruned by 1/3rd after flowering. It will grow in any reasonable fertile moisture retentive soil but does not appreciate being waterlogged.

Plant is grown in a 3L pot and is around 45cm tall