FloPro Mini Hose Reel 10m

FloPro Mini Hose Reel 10m

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The Flopro mini is a 10m portable hose reel with snap-fit connectors and a spray nozzle that can be attached to either end. Choose how you want to use your reel; you can either carry the reel or leave it on the ground. The connectors allow a snap fit to all watering brands.

This hose reel set includes:

  • Reel
  • 10m long, 8mm diameter Hose
  • 2 x Hose Connectors
  • Dual Fit Outside Tap Connector (1/2" & 3/4")
  • Watering Nozzle

Reel features

  • The flopro mini reel is fully assembled and ready to use
  • Easy rewind reel with handle
  • Ready to use (simply connect straight to tap connector on your outside or indoor tap)

Hose features

  • Flexible
  • UV resistant

Hose Specification

  • Length: 10m