Chaenomeles Orange Trail

Chaenomeles Orange Trail

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A particularly attractive variety or flowering quince, 'Orange Trail' produces masses of bloom along its branches in a vivid display of orange/red, each flower highlighted by a crentral crown of yellow anthers.

Ornamental quinces bring a welcome flush of colour to the garden in spring, when their bare twigs become smothered in flowers before the glossy, dark green leaves appear. Ideal to train as a climbing shrub against a wall or fence or placed at the back of a border where their spring blossom can really shine.

Incredibly easy to grow, Japanese quince will tolerate most soil types and aspects, including shade, which makes them invaluable for brightening dull corners of the garden and being a wide spreading shrub with thorny branches, it makes a perfect security hedge to deter unwanted visitors. Additionally, they have also shown good resistance to honey fungus - ideal if your garden is susceptible.

Not just a pretty face, quinces develop apple-like fruit with a distinctive, sweetly fragrant aroma when ripe and can be cooked and made into jelly, making them the perfect decorative addition to any grow your own project.