Buxus Semp. - Ball - 32cm

Buxus Semp. - Ball - 32cm

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Traditionally, topiary balls are grown from Box plants (Buxus sempervirens) which gives them a neat and formal appearance. Topiary Balls look stunning planted into containers, standing proudly at an entrance or doorway, planted en masse or even combined with softer plants, such as grasses and perennials, to add a contrast in texture.

To keep a good shape and tight growth, topiary needs all-round and all-over light so it is incompatible with shade, although potted specimens can be rotated. Clipping should be done when the opportunity, inspiration, enthusiasm and weather all combine to make it possible - in late summer, so that there is the longest period of time (until May or June the following year) to enjoy the tightly clipped shapes. Some enthusiasts clip in early summer too but never clip too early in the year - you must make sure there is no possibility of night frosts.

Buxus are perfect for in a container near a door but they do need shelter. We only suggest buying these if you have shelter from the harsh wind.