Blue LED Multi Function String Lights

Blue LED Multi Function String Lights

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Available in a variety of lengths:

80 LED - 6.3m

120 LED - 9.5m

200 LED - 16m

360 LED - 28.7m

480 LED - 38.3m

Ideal for a Christmas Tree, Window, Staircase and more. These lights offer 8 different flashing functions including on and can be used either indoor and outdoor.

For your convenience the lights have a 8m long lead which allows you plenty or room to get to the plug and start the lights exactly where you would like them to come on.

In addition they have a very clever timer function. You switch the button on and they will stay on for 8 hours and then switch off for the remaining 16 hours. This means the lights will come on automatically at the same time every day