Blackberry Adrienne

Blackberry Adrienne

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An early fruiting spine free variety with superb fruit quality.  The fruits are large, firm, long and conical. They have a bright and attractive appearance and the juicy berries have a truly excellent flavour. Cropping potential is very high with the strong canes,  vigour is moderate in comparison with other blackberries so if space is limited it is an excellent choice.  Ideal for planting against a wall or a fence or growing in a container.  The fruit is well displayed to make picking easy from the short, stout, fruiting laterals.

  • Self fertile.
  • Planting distance: 3m apart.
  • Height & Spread: 1.5m  x 1.2m.
  • Crops: late July/August.


This plant is supplied in a 3L pot.