Kent and Stowe Telescopic Edging Shears

Kent and Stowe Telescopic Edging Shears

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The kent and Stowe telescopic edging shear is made with comfort in mind, the easy to use telescopic handles eliminates the need to bend therefore reducing back strain. The blades are made from high quality carbon steel for strength and durability and then coated for rust resistance and  a smother cut. This product comes with a 5 year Guarantee for peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • High quality carbon steel blades for strength and durablity
  • PTEE coated blades for rust resistance and a smoother cut
  • Long-length steel handles eliminate the need to bend, therefore reducing back strain
  • Easy to use telescopic handles, just twist the handles clockwise to unlock and lengthen then twist anti clock wise to lock the handles at your desired length.
  • Handle Length – Can be extended from approx 60cm to 100cm
  • Blade Length – approx 20cm


  • Ideal for borders,beds and around the edge of your lawn
  • For accurate trimming and cutting of grass to create and maintain crisp, neat lines to keep your garden looking sharp and tidy.

After care:

To keep the blades in good condition wipe with oil cloth after each use and sharpen when necessary