Hydrangea Curly Wurly -  5L
Hydrangea Curly Wurly -  5L

Hydrangea Curly Wurly - 5L

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Say hello to a new garden challenge: taking care of your brand new Hydrangea. Luckily for you, our Hydrangeas are easy to maintain. No green thumbs required. They'll be fine, even without loving care. However, the more you care, the more you get. We gathered some tips and tricks to get the best out of your Hydrangea.

-30° winter-hardy

Freezing cold? No problem. Living Creations® Hydrangeas will survive. They are winter-hardy and can withstand severe winters. No climate is tough enough. They grow all over the world and even survive in Siberia.

Grow in full / half sun

Living Creations® Hydrangeas perform the best by a large dose of sunlight. These sun rays ensure more flowers and additionally extra colored petals. Furthermore, sunlight support to remain a compact plant.