White Potted Indoor Plant

White Potted Indoor Plant

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Looking for something different? How about a 35cm tall Indoor plant. Choose from either (L to R in picture)

Yucca - these love being in the sun so place them near windows to take advantage of natural light but not in direct sunlight. Water every 10-14 days and don’t let the soil get wet and heavy (this is the cause of most Yucca plants dying)

Bonsai Tree  - this miniature tree requires indirect sunlight and is best if kept in the one room for its whole life. Watering is done more regularly and should soak the root ball, this should be done once the soil (about 1cm down) feels dry.

Mother in Laws Tongue - these uptight plants are great air purifiers and they love indirect sunlight. Don’t allow the root ball to get over watered as this can cause them to rot so water them only once the soil at the top is very dry (2-4 weeks)

Money Tree -  is virtually kill-proof, relatively tidy and are great for beginners as they are pretty much immune to over-watering. Put in a fairly sunny spot out of direct sunlight and water once a week 

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